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A little bit about me…

I have taught 6th grade in Sacramento, California… all subjects for 4 years now, 4 years in 4th grade before that in Milpitas, CA. I recieved a pink slip and at this point I am jobless, but crossing my fingers that I get a call back by August. My district just renovated our school. Every classroom received a built in projector, Smartboard, document camera, and surround sound with teacher microphones. We also have 8 computers in every classroom and a laptop lab in our library. With all this new technology, I'm excited to learn some new "tricks" to use in the classroom. I am taking Web 2.0 and Differentiating Instruction with Technology at the same time…call me crazy!

My husband and I enjoy our weekends with our 1 year old son Nathan and our 2 dogs. Most days we are chasing him around the house…he's walking now! (Or should I say running?) Enjoying the summer sunshine too!

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