I have taught 6th grade in Sacramento, California… all subjects for 4 years now, 4 years in 4th grade before that in Milpitas, CA. I recieved a pink slip and at this point I am jobless, but crossing my fingers that I get a call back by August. My district just renovated our school. Every classroom received a built in projector, Smartboard, document camera, and surround sound with teacher microphones. We also have 8 computers in every classroom and a laptop lab in our library. With all this new technology, I'm excited to learn some new "tricks" to use in the classroom. I am taking this class and Differentiating Instruction with Technology at the same time…call me crazy!

My husband and I enjoy our weekends with our 1 year old son Nathan and our 2 dogs. Most days we are chasing him around the house…he's walking now! (Or should I say running?) Enjoying the summer sunshine too! Oh…and to my favorite topic of all, ice cream. We have at least 3 tubs in the freezer at all times! Old Fashion flavor is Mint Chip, but lately we have been diving into Dryers Drum Stick Ice Cream (Yeah…they mix the cone, nuts, and chocolate into vanilla…it's WONDERFUL!) and Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream. Highly recommended…check them out!

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